The initial focus of RedBee is on the Plantations Sector. The company designed and developed machines specifically to adapt to the contours of typical Indian coffee, tea, rubber, arecanut (and other) plantations. They also kept in mind the effect of the Indian Monsoon. The aim was to engineer machines that require only one man to operate; work in tough conditions, and are easy to maintain. The idea was to create a single platform that can facilitate multiple uses on the field and off it.

Our RedBee Products Modules

Grow faster. Manage better. Save more.


  • Powered by a 5Hp Gasoline engine to run all modules
  • Comact for easy movemnet through narrow 2 feet path
  • 6 speed gearbox for easy operation
  • Easy-to -use,One man contol
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Hopper / Sprayers

Now you can easily manage loads of up to 500kgs up steep hilly terrain (30℃ gradient). Ideal for faster, efficient Load Carrying and Dumping processes.

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HSR System(Patent Pending)

Ideal for processes involved in coffee drying. For parchment & fruit/cherry as well.

  • Heaping
  • Spreading
  • Raking and more
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Spray Guns

  • Ceramic nozzles for long term spray quality.
  • Adjustable lever for widespread or a jet spray.
  • Can withstand upto 40 bar presure.
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Palm Sprayer

Specially designed for arecanut plantation with a dual combination of fiberglass and aluminum to make it strong and sturdy, yet feather-light.

Body harness with provision to house thelance for easy maneuverability in close planting conditions.

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