Tank cleaning System

About Karcher Tank cleaning

Kärcher has been synonymous with reliable and powerful systems for container interior cleaning for over 40 years. As a market leader in professional cleaning systems, we offer tailor-made solutions for all requirements based on modular components. Our high-quality systems are efficient, cost-effective and energy-saving - the result of our years of experience. From consulting and planning to construction, delivery and servicing of the systems, we are there for our customers. We offer innovative concepts and extensive service.

Services done on Karcher Tank cleaning

Chemicals industry and trade

Drugs/pharmaceuticals, paints and dyes, metal, wood, mineral oils, plastics, adhesives, building materials, concrete.

Transport and logistics

Forwarding agencies, warehousing and consignment companies, silo transport, transport of general cargo and bulk materials, concrete, cement, asphalt and refuse as well as special transports..