K'a'rcher Vacuum

About Karcher Vacuum

Vacuuming from A to Z Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners and vacuum brushes offer optimal solutions for industry, trade, automotive, contract cleaners and trades. They impress with their high quality and durability, innovative filter technology and extraordinary operating comfort.

Products of High Presure Cleaners

Karcher Vacuum
Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
  • Tact class

  • Ap class

  • Standard class

Karcher Vacuum
Dry vacuum cleaners
  • Dry vacuum cleaners

  • Upright brush-type vacuum cleaners

Karcher Vacuum
Industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Compact industrial vacuums

  • Middle class

Karcher Vacuum

    For 40 years, Ringler has been a renowned manufacturer of small, mobile industrial vacuums, stationary extraction systems with pipeline construction and dust extractor systems with individually designed collection units.